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Epidemiology Of Childhood Cancer Julian Little

Epidemiology Of Childhood Cancer

Julian Little

Published December 1st 1999
ISBN : 9789283221494
400 pages
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 About the Book 

Cancer is the second commonest cause of death, after accidents, among children in developed countries, while in developing countries, improv ements in the control of communicable diseases and the occurrence of p remature delivery may lead to the emergence of cancer in children as a greater public health problem than in the past. The rationale for con sidering childhood cancers separately from cancers in adults in that t here are differences in the sites of occurrence, in the histological a ppearance and in their clinical behaviour. This book reviews the epide miology of specific types of childhood cancer to mid-1997. The scale o f the problem is first reviewed in a major compilation of data on the descriptive epidemiology of childhood cancer, then separate chapters d escribe studies of the different postulated causal factors and summari ze what can be concluded from them.